Review: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire



(Warning: Spoilers!!!)

Beautiful Disaster was my first taste of the emerging popular genre that is New Adult. Aimed at an audience older than Young Adult readers, New Adult explores perhaps more themes of a sexual nature, stronger language etc. I was surprised by how enjoyable this book was, although it certainly had many flaws.

To begin, I want to discuss the two protagonists, Abby and Travis. Travis, the notorious college lady’s man was, above all else, a huge cliche – yet, as a character, he was funny, charming and he was constructed in a way that made a reader long for Abby to succumb to his advances. However, the main thing that was hugely disappointing in Travis’ character was the insane aggression and possession that was directed towards Abby. This is a trait that you can find in YA literature at times; the love interest is so in love that he becomes obsessive and possessive. What is so attractive about that? The worst thing about the character was definitely his violent nature – he would try to beat up every guy who came near Abby, and quite frankly, it was disturbing! As a couple, Abby and Travis are completely dysfunctional, and there were parts of the book where I was cheering Abby on for not staying with Travis….but then she went back to him.

This novel was just one huge cliche – bad boy meets innocent girl, she tries to avoid him, she falls in love with him, they marry, the end.

Yet! This book still captured my attention and held my interest. It was addictive. Despite literally rolling my eyes at Abby as a protagonist, and sighing in disappointment at the over-used concept, this book has a quality to it that is really appealing. It is a contemporary love story that is full of action, sexual tension, drama, humour and romantic resolution.

For this reason, I gave it three stars. I was able to overlook the annoying parts of the plot, simply because despite all the critique I’ve just written, I did enjoy this book.

As the first New Adult book that I’ve read, it gave me a taste of a different genre and I’m definitely going to branch out into the NA genre in the future!


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